Anjeli & Bryce // A Mountain Top Wedding

When I was a little girl, Anjeli and I used to plan weddings together. We would ask my mom to make a box cake, and we would dress up as the bride and groom. We would borrow a suit from my dad, and even use my mom's eyeliner to draw a fake mustache for the groom. Life was so simple and full of magical imagination! Now fast forward to 15 years or so later.... and here we are: HER REAL WEDDING DAY! 

The day started off super cold and rainy; what anyone would think to be.... "gloomy"... but, as you'll see in the pictures, the weather was absolutely perfect (for moody and romantic pictures)! It was like a dream -- we were in the clouds! The emotion was raw and heartfelt at the ceremony, and they carried such bliss throughout the rest of the day. Happy Marriage, my friends! 

Chamness Wedding

Back in high school, I would have never imagined so many of my friends would choose me to capture their big day. So to begin the story, Becky and I worked at a small, local coffee shop together while I was in high school, and when she contacted me to be her wedding photographer- I was more than thrilled. Not only was her wedding going to be beautiful, but it was my first out of state project! So my second shooter, assistant, and I hopped into a snug rental car and hauled across the states from Roanoke,Virginia to Waterloo, Illinois. 

Upon arriving, we realize the little town (Maeystown, Illinois) where Becky would be getting married was seemingly untouched by time. It was like stepping back into the early 1900's - and I couldn't be more excited. The neighborhood promised gorgeous scenery, gardens, buildings, and hospitality that people only read of in storybooks. 

Watching Becky and her bridesmaids prepare for the aisle, the last details wove together beautifully. The final touches on the dress were made, and the makeovers and laughter coming from the wash room set a happy mood. Moments later Becky's dad saw her in her dress for the first time, and then we proceeded with bridal portraits and group shots of her gang. Her bridal party was a blast! She included a bridesman as well, which added such incredible contrast and sweetness to the day.

As the time came nearer, we all piled up in a van and drove to the ceremony site. As we pulled closer, the old church ruin fulfilled every expectation. Guests started to arrive, and musicians tuned their strings...and then, the time had come to officiate the new Mr. and Mrs. Chamness. 

After the ceremony we all gathered at the reception not for food and cake....but food and PIE. Becky works at a local pie shop called, "Rule of Pie", and that was just another beautiful way they were unique with their wedding. Before the dancing began, we stole them away from the party for some extra shots by the water. They were flawless, beautiful and in love... and I GOT TO BE THERE. How lucky am I?! Soon after the night was carried on by the dancing and laughter of guests....which continued on even after I had left. Congratulations Becky and Chris!

Jacob and Kayla - Engaged

These two have been one of my favorite couples since the day I met them. Their love for one another is so easy to see, and I was SO lucky to capture it. 

Cora // Senior

This wonderful girl is infused with confidence, a love of nature, and heart for books! Our shoot was effortless, and the editing... well, there was hardly any! It's astounding how fast life goes, and all of a sudden you're here. Congratulations on graduating high-school, Cora! -- I know you'll continue to amaze the world with your talents and spirit. 

Volkswagen Bus Mini-Shoot Sessions